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Published: May 26, 2019
By: Kyle Werner

Why You Should Visit Bali


Look at almost any "Where to travel in 2019" articles and you'll see almost every single one lists this tiny location in Indonesia as one of the top must see destinations. Take a look at some travel Instagrammer's profiles and it won't take you long to see that nearly all of them have recently taken a trip to where? Bali of course! So what's all the hype about?! Why is this tiny island in Indonesia suddenly undergoing all this travel fame? If you ask most people to name a few travel destinations you'll most likely hear: Paris, Rome, London, Fiji, Bahamas, Jamaica, or any number of common locations we hear about all too often! The more adventurous travels of course seek unique locations away from these already heavily touristed areas. But what is it about Bali that's suddenly landing it on the map? and why should YOU plan to visit Bali as soon as you possibly can?

We traveled to Bali from May 9th through 20th and had an absolutely incredible adventure! In this blog post I want to give an overview of some of the parts of our trip that I absolutely loved and think you will too, but rest assured more detailed blog posts on the specifics of our trip will be coming soon! So here's just a few reasons you MUST see Bali for yourself!

1. It's Absolutely Beautiful!

Climb volcanoes, jump off waterfalls, swim in crystal clear turquoise water, take part in ceremonies at thousands of temples, defend your belongings against curious monkeys, and explore jungles and unforgettable cities!

Bali has it all! During our visit we climbed Mnt. Batur in the middle of the night to see a gorgeous sunrise, scaled down cliffs to the gorgeous beaches of Kelingking and Diamond Beach, explored seemingly lost cities overtaken by monkeys, climbed over 700 stairs to witness Hindu ceremonies at a temple on the side of an ocean cliff, and explored the labyrinth of streets in Ubud that appears to have come straight out of the "Jungle Book"! And that doesn't even cover half of our amazing adventures in Bali.

The country side is covered with stunning views, beautiful terraced rice fields, phenomenally constructed temples, and picture perfect landscapes. We recommend hiring a driver when you go to make it easy to get to all the best stuff because with so much to look at, it would have been hard to navigate ourselves!

2. It's Affordable

We live in the United States and the exchange rate to Rupiah, the currency used in Bali, is around $1.00 for almost 15,000 Rupiah! So traveling around Bali and filling your vacation with amazing experiences is extremely affordable. On average, Courtney and I found that a plate of food for dinner was usually around 25,000 Rupiah ($1.70) and a driver to take you wherever you wanted to the whole day was about 500,000 Rupiah ($33.30). The only thing we found to be a bit more expensive in Bali was alcoholic beverages because most of them have to be imported and are taxed quite heavily in Bali. They were usually about the same price as our meals.

There's a common misconception that you have to make a fortune to travel. That's just not true. ANYONE can travel if they budget, set money aside, and plan their trip in the right way. That's why we offer trip plans to do all the hard work for you! We love finding ways to save money while traveling and we've gotten pretty good at finding the best deals when booking our trips. Let us help you save money, and travel more! We'll do all the planning, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your vacation! Send us an email by clicking contact us and love to help you reach the location you've always dreamed of.

Travel Tip:


One thing we love about traveling is finding places where our money can stretch farther. If you travel to places where the exchange rate is in your favor, you can do a lot more and spend a lot less!

3. It's Very Safe


Courtney and I had an absolute blast in Bali. From the moment we arrived we were greeted with a warm welcome from our driver, Di, and that warm welcome and friendly atmosphere continued throughout the entire trip. I have never been somewhere with so many kind and caring people in all my life. Usually when we travel we have a wall we put up, a safety net we use to protect us from the potential dangers of travel. In the media we hear all these horror stories of travelers that go missing or people that get pickpocketed while abroad. While all of that is definitely a concern no matter where you are in the world, some places are obviously more dangerous to travel than others.

Travel Tip:


Always look at the travel advisories for the location(s) you plan to visit and continually check these ratings as your trip nears. You can check the travel advisories for locations around the world at HERE.

Lucky for us, Bali is ranked very safe to travel to right now. Even still, it's good to always have a bit of a guard up and be mindful of your surroundings. Traveling to a small island in Indonesia was a big step in our travel lives, and I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a bit nervous about our trip. Now, having experienced it all, I can tell you I could not have been more wrong in having those stresses. Never have I experienced a country with such kind and friendly people. Throughout our entire trip we were greeted with nothing but warm smiles, happy hellos, and thanks for our decision to visit their home.

The people of Bali are primarily Hindu with a minute sprinkling of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc throughout. While I am no expert on the Hindu religion, from what I've gathered in speaking with the people I met, they believe greatly in the effects of karma and believe that being kind and spreading good fortune will bring the same back to them. This practice was easily seen as we traveled around this tropical and exotic country. 

With so many kind people to help you out, share their favorite places to visit, and even help you get there, Courtney and I had an awesome time traveling around Bali and experiencing many of the exciting opportunities around this tropical land.


Go See For Yourself!

Bali as a whole was so easy for us to fall in love with. The people are so kind, the adventures are so epic, and the landscape is so exotic! There's a lifetime of memories to be made exploring Bali whether you want to climb epic volcanoes or lay on tropical beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. 

If you're interested in learning more about our trip to Bali, taking a vacation of your own, or even letting us plan your dream vacation to Bali, please check out our other Bali blogs coming soon!


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