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Published: Sept 5, 2018
By: Kyle Werner

Find Relaxation

At Tabacon

Waterfalls at Tabacon Hot Springs_edited

Gorgeous magma heated water spilling down a terraced river leaves a multitude of naturally heated pools for you to soak in and enjoy the tranquility of the jungle. Embrace the immense relaxation offered at Tabacon Hot Springs just outside of Fortuna and at the base of Arenal Volcano!

Book Ahead!

Tabacon is a popular relaxation destination at the base of Arenal Volcano. Make sure to plan ahead and reserve your visit along with any of the added services you may be interested in.


  • Day Pass with one meal: Starting at $85 pp

  • Spa Treatment Packages

Arrive Early

We recommend arriving early to Tabacon. The later in the day you arrive, the more people you'll find at the wide variety of pools. Courtney and I got to Tabacon slightly before our check in time, and were able to explore the property and scout out the best spots to relax before the crowds arrived. Don't worry about being overrun by crowds though. The spa never became exceptionally crowded and it was easy for us to find our own secluded pool throughout the whole day. Want an even more romantic experience? Check out the evening options to relax in the warm waters as the sun goes down and the sounds of the jungle come alive!

Choose Your Meal Time Wisely

When you set up your reservation, you'll be asked to select a time for your lunch or dinner. We recommend selecting the earlier option. We all know how we get on vacation. We sleep in, we eat later, and we try not to hurry through anything. Well, everyone else is in that same mindset! So if you prepare to eat earlier, you'll not only experience a less crowded eating area, but you'll be back in the relaxing pools as everyone else is preparing to go eat! This leaves YOU with more privacy in both situations. Courtney and I stumbled across this concept by accident, but we are so glad we did!

Relax and Enjoy!

Once inside Tabacon, you may never want to leave. The warm waters rushing over the terraced river feels absolutely incredible! While we rested in the water and rejuvenated after an adventurous trip throughout Costa Rica, Courtney and I couldn't help but think that Tabacon was the perfect end to an amazing week. Find a secluded spot for some peace and quite, or swim up to the bar at the main heated pool area and make some friends over a few drinks! Theres even a water slide for those looking to break that peaceful tranquility with a big splash... Highly recommended 😏

Everyone at Tabacon was so nice and pleasant to be around. We felt completely taken care of and safe wandering the property. We did however, have a small mishap... You may have noticed in some of our videos the cool shots where the water splits the screen to reveal an above and below shot of the ocean. I love these shots! the idea that your camera lens is able to peer into two different worlds at the same time is just captivating to me. If you don't know how camera's manage to get these shots, it's quite simple. We used a big dome shaped lens that comes out from the normal camera lens to allow the water to split around it... Well, we brought the big dome lens to Tabacon, unsure of what to expect, but hopeful to snag some cool shots.

I left Courtney for maybe two minutes to run into the locker room to swap out camera batteries, and when I returned, our beloved dome lens was broken. She claims a lady bumped into her and knocked it out of her hand... but I can't confirm. Never the less, we were at Tabacon, and I couldn't help but shrug it off and let my worries wash away.

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