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Lets Plan a Trip!

Planning a trip means countless hours of research, headaches, and nerves. Are you planning everything in the right order? What if there's a better option? Are you getting the best deals? STRESS!

Luckily, your travel savvy friends (Kyle and Courtney) can put together a comprehensive trip plan for you in a beautiful and easy to read format that will make trip planning a breeze! Just fill out our fun little survey, send your payment, and we will put together your custom trip. We have services that ensure that you're stretching your dollar without sacrificing quality experiences!

Comprehensive Trip Plan: $40

  • a comprehensive analysis detailing the best times to travel to your desired location and suggestions on the best flight plans for you

  • Suggestions on a schedule for booking your flight, accommodations, and activities in a format designed to alleviate the stresses of travel expenses

  • Detailed transportation options and recommendations for the area you are visiting

  • Tours and activities in the area based on your interests, ranked by reviews and ratings and including detailed booking information for each activity

  • Airbnb and hotel options, contact and booking information, and suggestions on what we feel is the best fit for you, along with ratings and reviews from others who've stayed there

  • An itinerary format so that you know what you should do and when 

  • Pertinent logistical information based on the location you are visiting including estimated average currency exchange, travel tips for the area, legal documentation, shots, and vaccines required, and important laws and regulations to be aware of.

Let us take the stress out of your vacation planning so you can get back to enjoying what's most important to you!

Submit the form below and let us take care of the rest!

Lets take the first step towards your dream vacation!

     In order for us to plan the trip of your dreams, we've come up with several questions to get the ball rolling! Our trip plans are totally customized and unique to you. We are passionate about creating the best experience for you that we possibly can. Purchasing our trip plan is a one time fee designed to set you up with a fully prepared trip ready for you to book. You'll save countless hours of research and hassle and receive a beautiful document detailing options and easy to follow directions for your dream vacation, all on sale for only $40! Plus, we will be available to help you customize your trip even further and answer any questions you may have along the way.


How many people are travelling?
What are you looking for?
(Lodging) Which sound great to you?

     We are so excited to set you up with a trip you'll truly love! Once you've completed and submitted this form, we will send you over an invoice for your trip plan and get working on your dream vacation. The finished plan will be emailed to you in pdf format. If we have any questions regarding your trip requests or detailing more specific information we will reach out to you through email. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon!

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