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About Me

Courtney and Kyle (Jace Wedding).jpg

We are Kyle and Courtney! We are 23 and 19 and are in love with the world around us. It is our life's dream to take every adventure and try every experience we possibly can, while giving back to the communities around us and creating a positive impact!

Our mission is to inspire you to take a trip, any trip to try something you've never done before. We'll accomplish that mission through sharing our stories, providing helpful tips and tricks for travel to help you over the humps in the road, and even connecting with you to plan a trip you'll tell stories of for ages to come.

With our combined travel experience and years of training working in the adventure and outdoor tourism industry, we've decided to take the next step and build a life we love, and help others to accomplish the same!

We are so excited to share our travel experiences with you! We would love to connect with you to get your thoughts on our work, answer any questions, and help you build the trip of your dreams!

Thanks!  - K & C

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